Aim & Scope

The Journal of Uludag University Faculty of Education is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal. Established in 1986, JUUFE was published in print until 1999, after which it was published both in print and electronically. It published one issue a year until 2004, and two issues a year from 2004-2019. As from 2020, JUUFE is published online only (e-ISSN 2667-6788) three times a year (April-August-December).

JUUFE is hosted by the DergiPark online journal platform and follows the editorial workflow management system provided. JUUFE adopts a double blind peer review policy. New submissions are first checked for technical issues and are then sent to the relevant field editor, who appoints two peer reviewers from the pool of field experts. The article evaluation process can take 2-4 months.

JUUFE envisions three major aims:
1. To disseminate knowledge that is based on robust theoretical principles and sound methodological frameworks.
2. To address significant educational issues on a national and international level.
3. To inform national and international educational policies.

Please take into consideration the following points when determining the scope of your submission.

1. considers for publication articles which encompass the themes of education, learning, teaching, school, student and teacher.
2. Gives priority to empirical research articles.
3. Gives priority to submissions that include advanced statistical procedures.
4. Gives priority to qualitative research studies that report the data analyses in detail.
5. Expects mixed-method studies to provide a detailed explanation of how the chosen design is appropriate for the theoretical framework.
6. Requires submissions derived from Doctoral and Masters dissertations to include the findings related to the main hypotheses.
7. Requires submissions reporting instrument development and adaptation studies to include reports of criterion validity, convergent and divergent validity, and measurement invariance in addition to structural validity.

JUUFE does not consider for publication the following submissions:
• studies reporting prospective teachers’/teachers’ or students' opinions and perceptions only;
• studies which are based on categoric variables (class level, school type, department, gender, etc.) collected from the demographic section of data collection instruments;
• coursebook evaluations;
• literature reviews that are not prepared in accordance with the systematic literature review format generally accepted by the international literature.

Period Months
April August December