• International Journal of Uyghur Studies is an open access
  • The International Journal of Uyghur Studies is a peer-reviewed journal and is published as two (2) numbers in six (6) month periods (June-December).
  • International Journal of Uyghur Studies may include articles on the general issues of Turkology as well as Uyghurs. In addition to these, he published scientific articles, compilations, book reviews / reviews, translations and translations related to other Turkish tribes (Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Turkmen, etc.) related to language, literature, folklore, history, art, culture and economy. is a peer-reviewed electronic journal.
  • The submission of the manuscript to the journal is accepted as an application for publication. There is no royalty fee for the articles.
  • All legal responsibility for the contents of the articles published in the journal belongs to the author or authors.
  • The International Journal of Uyghur Studies has the right to publish or not publish the articles, and to make corrections if necessary.
  • All publication rights of the articles and other works published in the journal belong to International Journal of Uyghur Studies.
  • General publication language of the journal is Turkish. Turkish and English titles of non-Latin alphabet should be given and their bibliography should be indicated in Latin.