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The authors, who send articles to our journal, read and confirm the copyright transfer form while uploading their studies to our journal’s online system.

To The Editorial Board of  Van Journal of Divinity

The study, whose title and the authors are stated, is uploaded to the UDS system for publication assessment. This study has not been published in anywhere previously, has not been accepted for publication and has not been sent to another journal for assessment.

In case the study is accepted for publication, the “Right of Representation” which is regulated in the 24th article, the “Right of Distribution” which is regulated in the 23rd article, the “Right of Reproduction” which is regulated in the 22nd article, and the “Right of Adaptation” which is regulated in the 21st article of the Law of Intellectual and Artistic Works numbered 5846 relating to the work and also including the digital publication right in the 25th article of the law, the “Publication to the Community via Devices for Sign, Sound and/or Display”, repetitious publication, publication to the community, the right of representation and the right to provide access to the work for the third parties in the place and times they choose, and the other rights determined by this contract, are transferred only to the publisher for an unlimited time in terms of place, number and content and in terms of time, rights are transferred for the period of preservation time projected by the law which is current at the signing time of this contract.

Furthermore, the owner of the work (then the Authorized Writer) has the right for the Incorporeal Rights. However the publisher has the right to use the corporeal right within the frame of the financial rights transferred to him/her. In this context, the right named “Authority to Publicize” which is regulated by the 14th article, the right called “Statement of the Name” which is regulated in the 15th article, the right called “Preventing Any Change in the Study”, and the right called the “Rights that the Owner of the Study Can Use Against the Possessor and the Owner” can be brought forward against the third parties. On the other hand, the Authorized Writer has the right to prevent any publication that would damage the honor and dignity of the owner of the study.

The publisher can partly or wholly reproduce and publish the original or the copies of the work in any way or with a method. In this regard, the publisher can publish the work as hardcover or soft-cover and s/he can publish the work as fascicules in the form of periodicals or non-periodicals, in various size and colors, and in writing styles that are prepared for the sight-disabled people. In addition, as the publisher can reproduce and publish the work in physically, s/he can also reproduce and publish them, temporarily or permanently, in digital platforms including the internet and so on, in computers, mobile phones, CDs, DVDs, and in platforms that are known or can be developed in the future that are used for sign, sound and/or display transfer and repetition. Within this scope, the Authorized author accepts, states and commits that the publisher has the right to publish the work in formats and media that are required with the newest technology such as e-books and z-books (enriched e-books), and to develop applications of the work in various formats such as IPhone, IPad, IPod and Android.

The Authorized Writer transfers and assigns the rights to the publisher including the right to broadcast the work via wired or wireless devices such as radio-TV, satellite and cable, the right of publication to community and repetitive publication, the right to represent and the right for digital publication, and by providing access to the work for the third parties in the place and times they choose, the right of publication to community, the right of repetitive publication and the right to represent are assigned and transferred to the publisher. Within this frame, the publisher has the right and authority to broadcast and publish, to provide access, to publish to the community, to provide access for the community, to publish and re-publish via interactive applications, which are known by the date the contract is signed or which can be developed in the future, such as DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, video, GSM, EDGE, UMTS, 2.5G, 3G, LTE, 4G, DVBH, CDMA, HTML, XML, WAP, mobile TV, mobile streaming, mobile live streaming, catch-up, VOD, mobile, the internet, social media, IPTV, WEBTV, HTML, XML, WAP, GSM, IPad, IPod, IPhone and similar smart devices, and cell phones in which mobile technology is used and similar mobile media.

The authorized writer transfers and assigns the right and authority for adaptation rising from the work to the publisher. Within this context, only the publisher has the authority and rights to adapt the work and s/he can adapt it in ways such as translating the work into any language or dialect, adaptation of the work into genres such as music, cinema, opera and theatre or using the work along with these, turning the work into an audio and/or video book, turning the work into a collection, making a compilation, leveling it according to different age groups, adaptation, summarizing and adding it to a database, distributing by illustrating it.

The publisher is the owner of the merchandising rights of the work. Within this scope, the publisher can use any names in the study, the names of the characters, events, photographs, drawings and images in the way s/he wants and in any sector s/he wants for other purposes whether it may be for commercial purposes or as a promotion with any other service or product or not. The publisher can register these elements as a trademark for his/her own name or as a domain name.

I accept and declare as the authorized writer of this work that I am qualified in terms of the right that I transfer and assign, that third parties do not have any rights on the work, and that the rights I transfer to the publisher with this contract are of my own and that these rights have not been transferred to anyone else before; that in case third parties claim any kind of right on this work, any compensation or legal responsibilities that may be caused by this way belong to me; that any loss suffered by this way will be compensated soon and in cash by myself, and that the publisher has, also, the right for cancellation of this contract because of this.

As the authorized writer of the work, I confirm that I/We accept all the conditions in the “Notes for the Authors” part of Journal of Ilahiyat Researches , that the work I/We present is prepared in accordance with the ethical rules, and that the right to make editorial editing in the writing to be published is transferred to Journal of Ilahiyat Researches .

As the authorized writer, I declare that I logged in the UDS system by my own user name and password and then I accepted the cases written in this “Copyright Form” by ticking the sentence “I saw the copyright form and I accepted it” which I saw on the screen.

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