Author Guidelines

1. The language of the journal is Turkish and English. A Turkish "Abstract" and English "Abstract" should be given at the beginning of each publication.

2. A plain and understandable writing language should be used in the text, scientific writing style should be adopted, unnecessary repetitions should be avoided and abbreviations should be defined in first using.

3. If the paper is accepted, the "Copyright Transfer Agreement" must be signed and submitted to the editor.

4. Corresponding author is responsible for all correspondence.

5. Plagiarism report should also be uploaded. Similarity rate should not be more than 20%.

6. The articles should include the statement that Research and Publication Ethics are complied with. In studies directly and indirectly on humans and animals; It should be specified and documented that approval was received from the relevant ethics committees. In studies requiring ethics committee permission, information about the permit (name of the board, date and number) should be included in the method section and also on the first / last page of the article. In case reports, information about the informed volunteer / consent form being signed should be included in the article.

7. For all articles submitted to the journal, the statement "Authors declare that there is no conflict of interest" should be written under the heading "Conflict of Interest" before the references section.

8. Article submission: Articles should be submitted from the DergiPark system.


Original Research Paper: General format; title page, abstract and keywords (Turkish and English) are structured as text (Introduction, Material and Method, Findings, Discussion, Conclusion), sources, acknowledgments, tables and picture descriptions. The abstract cannot exceed 250 words.

Reviews: Reviews should be prepared on current, scientific subjects. Reviews should not exceed 3000 words, and review summaries should not exceed 250 words. There are no limitations for images, tables and resources. General format; The title page is structured as abstracts and keywords (in Turkish and English), text, references, thanks, tables and picture descriptions.

Case Report: Case reports should not exceed 2000 words and the abstract should not exceed 250 words. Informed consent form should be specified in the text. The general format is structured in the form of title page, abstract and keywords (in Turkish and English), text (introduction, case, discussion), references, thanks, tables and picture descriptions.

Letter to the Editor: We support letters that criticize printed articles objectively, constructively and educationally. If these letters are related to the articles published in the previous three months, they are evaluated. If appropriate, a copy is sent to the author of the article mentioned in the letter so that they can respond if they request it. More than five sources should not be used in the letters. These letters are published in one or two next issue 2 since the article is published. General format; title page, abstract and key words (in Turkish and English, but subtitles are not needed as in articles), text (should start as "Dear editor"), references, thank you, structured as a table or picture.


Manuscripts should be written in "word for windows" program with two lines spacing and 12 point Times New Roman font. There must be 2.5 cm of space at the top, bottom and both sides of the page. All pages should be numbered sequentially. Abbreviations should not be used at the beginning of the title, abstract, table title, figure description and sentence. After the abbreviation is specified in the text section in parentheses, it can be used throughout the text. The article should not exceed 16 pages.

-Papers should be arranged in the following order (Title, Summary, Text, References, Tables and Figures), Tables and Figures should be printed on separate pages.

Title - Address page: Article name, English name of the article, author names (surname, full name), addresses responsible author, responsible author contact information (E-mail, telephone, full address) should be provided.

Main Text: Turkish and English title, Turkish and English abstract and continuation of the article (Introduction, Material and Method, Findings, Discussion, Conclusion).

Title: It should be short, clear, all capitals and suitable for writing. The article should have only Turkish and English titles. They should not have author names and addresses.

Abstract: Turkish articles should include Turkish and English abstracts. In English articles, a Turkish abstract is also required. The abstract should not exceed 250 words.

Keyword: 3-5 keywords should be given under the abstracts. Turkish key words "Turkey Science Terms (TBT)" What should be the appropriate (See. Http:// I).
English keywords should be given in accordance with "Medical Subject Headings (MESH)" (See