Publishing Policies

Publishing Policies.

1. The manuscripts sent to the JEESS should not have been published anywhere before and should not be available for publication at the present time.

2. Manuscripts from any of the languages of Turkish and English is published in JEESS. Scientific and linguistic responsibility for the manuscript published in the JEESS belongs to the author(s)

3. Manuscripts will be evaluated not only by academicians, but also by researchers and practitioners.

4. Manuscripty that has been previously presented at conferences and has not been published in full proceeding but only the abstract can be accepted into the publication evaluation process as indicated in the study.

5. Submissions of Manuscripts should be sent electronically via To be able to submit the articles online through the website and to track the process of the manuscripts during the referee evaluation process, membership to dergipark and login should be made.Personal information registered into the site of JEESS will only be used for the stated purpose of the journal and will not be accessible for any other purpose or for any other party.

6. Articles sent to JEESS are available to the authors through the dergipark system and the evaluation reports can be easily followed by the authors through there.

7. Manuscript file will be uploaded to the system without author information during submission. Author information should be uploaded as a separate file with the name of the article in the form of identification. Identification file should include ORCID Number(s) of Author(s). Submission should be in Microsoft Word Format. Submissions do not comply with the Journal Rules are not included in the evaluation process. In Articles ready for publication, the author names should be written on the right under Heading in Turkish, 11 Font size, Bold, Title and Surname UPPERCASE. The copyright information of author(s) should be added to the bottom of the first page in 9 font size with star(*) footnotes.

8. JEESS is based on the principle of not knowing the author(s) (blind-review)Manuscripts submitted to the referee,  information about the author's identity is kept secret.

9. Articles submitted to the JEESS are sent to at least two remarks for blind-review after preliminary examination in terms of form and content. Positive feedback from the referees is taken to the publishing process. If a positive and a negative report is received from the blind-review process, a third trial will be sent if it is deemed appropriate by the Journal Editor.

10. Author(s) who submitted articles to JEESS are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of the referee evaluation of the JEESS.

11. Article(s) do not comply with the rules of spelling or linguistic information are returned to the author(s) without being sent to the referees in the JEESS after the preliminary examination. Any form and content changes may be requested from the authors of the preliminary examination.

12. During layout work, the author(s) must respond to the checks and corrections made during the specified period. The author (s) who do not respond within the specified period will be postponed to be evaluated at the next issue.

13. Assessment process completed articles are listed as of the date of submission and published in the relevant issue of JEESS. Acceptance letter is sent to the authors for the accepted articles in case of request. Same author(s) will not publish two articles in one issue at a time.

14. JEESS publishes translations outside of the original research. The copy showing where the translation has been published should be sent as a supplement to the manuscript with the approval of the author(s) and the manuscript of the first publication.

15. In the direction of the reports from the blind-reviews, it is decided whether or not the author is required to make corrections, additional information and abbreviations in the report frame or publishing the articles. This decision is reported to the author(s) through the system. The author(s) have to make all changes requested by the referees. Articles will not be published until the desired changes are made.

16. All the publications accepted and published in JEESS, the publishing rights in the written and electronic environment belong to JEESS.

17. No copyright payments are made to author(s) for articles published in JEESS. Regarding the articles accepted or published, the author(s) shall transfer the copyright directly to JEESS without any procedure.

18. Opinions expressed in the editorial and the responsibility of articles belong to the authors.

19. Articles accepted or published for publication may not be reproduced or published in any form without written permission of JEESS. Quotation is allowed as long as a citation is provided.

20. It is not possible for the author(s) to withdraw the submission sent to JEESS during referee process  and to cancel to initiate the referee process, nor does it conform to scientific ethics. Taking this fact into consideration by the authors when submitting a manuscripts will also prevent the academic ethical grievances of the parties with possible work and time loss.

21. If the research article or manuscript is supported by an institution or is produced from a thesis, it should be indicated on the same page as a footnote (1) on the last word of the title.