Amaç ve Kapsam

International Journal of Aeronautics and Astronautics (IJAA) is refereed and interdisciplinary journal focused on publication of the original article, essay / review and scientific the translation aimed at contributing to the field of aviation management and technology in Turkey and the world. Our journal aims to contribute to science by taking place in national and international indexes. The publication language of the journal is English. Our journal, which adopts an open access policy, can be accessed free of charge.

Aerodynamics, Aeroelastic Analysis and Design, Fluid Mechanics, Avionic Systems, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Aircraft Maintenance and Repair, Aircraft Propulsion Systems, Aviation Rules, Aviation Materials, Aviation Training, Aviation and Artificial Intelligence, Aviation Structures, Human Factors in Aviation, Helicopter Design, Computational / Experimental Fluid Dynamics / Mechanics, Heat Transfer and Combustion, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Navigation Systems, Measurement and Modeling, Aircraft Airframe Engine and Maintenance, Aircraft Performance, Aircraft Design, Flight Mechanics, Flight Dynamics and Control, Satellite Technologies, Gas Turbine Engine, Aviation Oils and Fuels, Aircraft Engines

Safety Management Systems (Emniyet Yönetim Sistemleri), Air Traffic Management (Hava Trafik Yönetimi), Air Transportation Management (Hava Ulaştırma İşletmeciliği), Airport Planning and Management (Havaalanı Planlama ve Yönetimi), Aviation Management (Havacılık Yönetimi), Aviation Physiology (Havacılık Fizyolojisi), Aviation Security (Havacılık Güvenliği), Aviation Law (Havacılık Hukuku), Aviation Meteorology (Havacılık Meteorolojisi), Aviation Psychology (Havacılık Psikolojisi), Aviation Sector Studies (Havacılık Sektör Çalışmaları), Aviation History (havacılık Tarihi), Aviation Safety And Security Management (Havacılık Emniyet ve Güvenlik Yönetimi), Financial Management in Aviation (Havacılıkta Finansal Yönetim), Human Resource Management in Aviation (Havacılıkta İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi), Aviation Logistic Management (Havacılıkta Lojistik Yönetimi), Organizational Behavior in Aviation (Havacılıkta Örgütsel Davranış), Aviation Marketing Management (Havacılıkta Pazarlama Yönetimi), Risk Management in Aviation (Havacılıkta Risk Yönetimi), Ground and Cabin Services in Aviation (Havacılıkta Yer ve Kabin Hizmetleri), Airport Design (Havaalanı Tasarımı), Airline Industry / Commercial Aviation (Havayolu Endüstrisi/Ticari Havacılık), Airline Management (Havayolu Yönetimi), Flight Operations Management (Uçuş İşlemleri Yönetimi). The Journal also publishes Turkish articles related to aviation management studies (Havacılık Yönetimi ile ilgili konuları içeren makaleler Türkçe olarak gönderilebilir).