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Yıl: 2015

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2. A View from Academic Administrators on the Characteristics of Future University


4. Leadership Derailment: Does Self-Leadership Matters?


6. Does User Search Behaviour Mediate User Knowledge and Search Satisfaction?


7. Motor Competency of Orang Asli Children from the Royal Belum Rainforest Reserves


11. The Impact of Human Resource Practices on Employee Retention in the Telecom Sector


15. Factor Affecting Mobile Adoption Companies in Malaysia


16. Empirical Analysis of Money Demand Function with Economic Uncertainty


18. Factors that Influences Pedestrian Intention to Cross a Road While using Mobile Phone


22. Determining the Oral Construct of the Test of English Communication Skills


29. How do We Measure Corporate Social Responsibility of Islamic Banks through their Business Processes and Oriented Outcomes?


30. CSR’s Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility Practice in Islamic Banking: A Review


32. Switching Intentions: A Case of Saudi Arabian Hypermarkets


34. Do Demographic Make a Difference to Job Burnout Among University Academicians?


35. Effective Training Factors for Competency of Demolition Operatives in Malaysia


36. Bea Scoring System: Selecting the Right Person for Scholarship

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42. Exploring Reduce, Recycle and Reuse (3Rs) Awareness, Practice among Oil and Gas Workers and its Influence on Their Productivity


45. Wage System Manufacturing Company: Normative and Expectations


51. Enriching Students’ Experience in Logistics and Transportation through Simulation


56. Determinants of the Risk Tolerance of Individual Investors


58. Impact of Exchange Rate on Stock Market


60. Role of Psychological Factors in Individuals Investment Decisions



31. A New Business Process and Outcome Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility Index for Islamic Banking