Sayı: 1, 1.04.2014

Yıl: 2014

Araştırma Makalesi

3. Use of manual strangulation technique to reduce blood loss at elective cesarean section

4. Comparison of MR imaging and orcein-picroindigocarmine staining method in fetal sectional anatomy

5. The course of pregnancies that occur after recurrent miscarriages)

6. Evaluation of newborn with pneumothorax

8. Patients' Satisfaction at Tertiary Care

Olgu Sunumu

10. Jejunal perforations in a peritoneal dialysis patient with peritonitis: a case report

11. Spontaneous heterotopic pregnancy in a patient with a history of primary infertility:

12. Total occlusion of the left main coronary artery presenting with atypical symptoms

13. Leiomyoma of the vagina: Report of two cases
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