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e-ISSN: 2146-7455
Başlangıç: 2011
Yayıncı: Sakarya Üniversitesi
Kapak Resmi

As of February 2023, SUJE will no longer consider manuscripts that are not directly related to educational sciences, As of July 26, 2023, SUJE will only evaluate articles written in English. The similarity rate obtained as a result of the similarity checks should not exceed 20% in order to initiate the peer review process.


SUJE plans to publish two thematic special issues in 2023 and 2024 in order to contribute to the scientific literature in our country and international literature in the field of educational sciences and teacher training. In 2023, the theme of the first special issue is "Disaster Education and Education in Disaster Regions". Candidate article submissions for this special issue will be accepted until the end of October 2023 and will be published in December 2023. The second theme of our special issue to be published in 2024 is "Artificial Intelligence Tools and Education". For this special issue, submissions will be accepted until the end of January 2024. This issue will be published in April 2024. When submitting, our authors should indicate which special issue they are applying for in the "Note to the Editor" section. Sincerely.

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