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The Turkish Journal of Veterinary Research (TJVR) is a biannual (March-April and November-December), open access, peer-reviewed veterinary medical journal that publishes manuscripts online in the general area of veterinary medical research. TJVR strictly obeys the recommendations of the ICMJE, WAME and flowcharts of COPE .

We are proud to announce that TJVR has been included in the 24709 Compliments to the members of the Editorial Team for their great efforts.

It is obligatory to submit the ethical committee documents in the studies that require an ethical committee evaluation.

We proudly announce that we are listed in208122020. Index Copernicus Value (ICV) 2020 = 85.76

Starting January 2020, all authors are required to provide their 16603.
DOI number application for the Turkish Journal of Veterinary Research was approved by DergiPark!


It is a great honor to announce that TJVR welcomes Prof. Dr. Ozcan Erel, a prominent Turkish Scientist and a Great Scholar of Biochemistry as a member of editorial and advisory board. Professor Erel has made significant contribution to science through invention of novel diagnostic test as well as researches shedding light onto oxidant-antioxidant system of living organism. This efforts gained him 'John M. Kinney International Award (USA), TUBITAK Science Award and membership of TUBA (TURKISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCE).

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