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Quality Control and Peer Review
IJSE uses double-blind review approach, which means that both the reviewer/s and author/s identities are hidden from the reviewers, and vice versa, during the review process. To enable this, author/s need to guarantee that their manuscripts are prepared in a way that does not give away their identity. Articles published in International Journal of Scholars in Education undergo double blind peer review. Two reviewers read each manuscript, and accept or reject based on their expertise and assessment of the manuscript. Editors provide the review contents to authors, ensure the feedback is incorporated for accepted articles, and upload the revised versions. A publication checklist with formatting requirements is completed for each article.

How to anonymize your manuscript for double-blind peer review:
• Do not include author name/s or affiliation/s anywhere in the manuscript, or in any Supplementary Information files (or in any file names).
• Provide a separate title page giving all the author name/s and affiliation/s.
• Do not include an Acknowledgments section containing author name/s in the manuscript. The Acknowledgments section can be added to the manuscript after the review process.
• Do not include work in the reference list that has not yet been accepted for publication.
• Avoid using terminology that might reveal your identity (e.g. avoid phrases such as “we have previously shown [reference]”) while referring to your own work in the paper. If it is a necessity you can cover it with the word Author/s both in-text citation and references.