Volume: 18 Issue: 3, 10/29/20

Year: 2020

Research Papers

Research Article

1. Exposure Assessment and Risk Characterization of Aflatoxin M1 Intake Through Consumption of Milk by General Population in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Preliminary Study

Research Article

2. Effect of Heat Treatment on Protein Fractions of Edible Poultry Eggs

Research Article

3. Antibacterial and Anticancer Activities of Violacein Extracted Through Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction Method

Research Article

5. Kısmi Pişirme Yönteminin Kek Kalitesi Üzerine Etkisi

Research Article

9. Quality Determination of Traditional Fermented Sausages by Histological and Immunohistochemical Analyses

Research Article

10. Potential Use of Capsicum Pepper Powder and Natural Cheese Aroma in Turkish Delight (Lokum) Production

Review Papers

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