ISSN: 1304-7582
e-ISSN: 2148-015X
Founded: 2003
Period: Quarterly
Publisher: Sidas Medya A.Ş.
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Akademik Gıda® (Academic Food Journal) is a peer-reviewed journal where original research and review articles are published in the field of food science and technology. Research notes, mini-reviews, opinions and letters to the editor are published in the journal, and as of 2012, it has been published quarterly by Sidas Media Agency Advertisement Consultation Ltd. (Cankaya, Izmir, Turkey) since 2003.


Academic Food Journal is one of the most important journals in Turkey in the field of food science and technology. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts in English or Turkish that meets the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. 


The scope of the Akademik Gıda is to offer scientists, researchers, and other food professionals the opportunity to share knowledge of scientific advancements through a respected peer-reviewed publication. The Academic Food Journal serves as a forum for important research and developments in food science and technology.


Some of the topics covered in the journal are listed below;


Reviews in Food Science and Technology

Food Chemistry

Food Engineering

Food Microbiology

Sensory Evaluation of Foods

Health and Nutrition

Toxicology and Chemical Food Safety

Fisheries Science

Food Marketing

Food Regulations

2021 - Volume: 19 Issue: 3

Research Article

1. Discrimination, Quantitation, and Identification of Edible Vegetable Oil Blends Based on Their Fatty Acid Profiles

Research Article

2. Kombine Kurutma Sistemiyle Kurutulan Kayısıların Renk Parametreleri Üzerine Depolamanın Etkisi

Research Article

4. Muğla İlinde Üretilen Eşek Sütlerinin Cu, Fe, Mn ve Zn Element İçerikleri

Research Article

7. Altın (Gökova) Susamın (Sesamum indicum L.) Bazı Tohum ve Yağ Özellikleri


8. Avokado: Bileşimi ve Sağlık Üzerine Etkileri


9. Türkiye'nin Coğrafi İşaretli Peynirleri


10. Natürel Zeytinyağında Etil Alkol ve Etil Ester Oluşumu ile Tespit Yöntemleri


11. Biyofilm Yapısı ve Önlenmesi

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