Volume: 2 Issue: 2, 11/30/21

Year: 2021

ALANYAZIN (CRES Journal) aims to ensure that scientific studies such as books, thesis, reports, researches published in the field of educational sciences, researchers and institutions are known in a wider environment. It aims to critically evaluate the produced scientific knowledge, to position them among scientific information and publications with a holistic perspective and to be a bridge between theory and practice.

The articles that will be published in ALANYAZIN (CRES Journal) could cover different fields such as philosophy, sociology, psychology, anthropology, biology, political science, economics, business, information technologies, statistics and architecture which conducts a relation with education within a multidiciplinary approach

ALANYAZIN (CRES Journal) has had both Turkish and English articles are evaluated by the scholars who are specialized in their field.

The articles should consist of minimum 500, maximum 10.000 words.

The reference format that ALANYAZIN (CRES Journal) prefers to use is APA (American Psychological Association) the Style 7th Edition. Authors must follow the rules and the formats specified in the American Psychological Association Publication Guide published by the American Psychological Association in both citation and bibliography parts. ALANYAZIN (CRES Journal) does not require any application or publication fee from the authors.

In ALANYAZIN (CRES Journal),in order to be accepted in evaluation /assessment periods/process.

Studies/articles are required some fundamental criteria. The studies are aimed to BE SENT to ALANYAZIN (CRES Journal) should:

be about or related to education,
not be published before and not be sent to another platform or journal for publication purpose,
be one of the types of the article that ALANYAZIN (CRES Journal) prefers to publish,
be written by following the rules and format of APA (American Psychological Association) the Style 7th Edition,
fit/suitable for ALANYAZIN (CRES Journal) article template.

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