ISSN: 1302-9975
e-ISSN: 2667-7229
Founded: 2001
Period: Biannually
Publisher: Akdeniz University
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Akdeniz İİBF journal is a peer reviewed journal; that covers social sciences in general and more specifically focues on economics and administrative sciences. The Journal gives place to the writings; particularly specific articles based on research in every volume. In this context, the Journal is open to the articles from the areas of economics, business, public administration, political sciences, international relations, public finance, labor economics and industrial relations and econometrics. The authors can contribute with studies prepared in Turkish, and English languages in accordance with the Publication Guidelines of the Journal.

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The Journal is published biannually in May and November.

The Journal is owned by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Akdeniz University and managed by the Editorial Board. The views expressed in the articles published in the Journal are those of the authors; namely they are not binding on the Journal. Any citation and quotation may be made from the articles included in the Journal only with reference to the source.

2022 - Volume: 22 Issue: 1

Research Article

Yenilenebilir Enerji Kullanımının Yeşil Büyüme Üzerindeki Etkisi: Yükselen Ekonomiler Örneği

Research Article

Muhalefetin Devşirilmesinde Hegemonik Parti’nin Rolü: Birleşik Rusya Partisi Örneği


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