ISSN: 2146-4456
e-ISSN: 2687-5039
Founded: 2011
Publisher: Pamukkale University
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  • Publisher: Pamukkale University
    Owner: Prof.Dr. Ercan HAYTOĞLU (
    Editors: Prof.Dr. Mithat AYDIN  ( Lecturer Cengiz AKSEKİ (
  • Languages: Turkish-English

Journal Belgi is a peer reviewed journal which has been published biannually (in January and July), in print, since 2011 by Pamukkale University, Research and Application Center of Ataturk’s Principles and History of Revolution. Articles written in Turkish and English are accepted. The journal includes articles on final period of Ottoman Empire, Turkish War of Independence, Ataturk’s Reforms, Ataturk, Turkish modernization and recent period of Turkish history.

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2024 - Issue: 27



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