Author Guidelines



The submitted articles are subject to preliminary review with respect to publication, writing, qualification, content, research and ethical rules. The submissions are inspected for plagiarism through digital softwares. The articles which are found to be not suitable are returned to the author without going through referee review. For studies which involve clinical or experimental treatments with animals requiring ethical board permissions, the necessary ethical permission should be obtained, documented and presented.  The articles in Bartın University Journal of Faculty of Education are published in English. The authors are required to follow the necessary steps on the guideline which is available on the website while uploading the concerning documents. Under no circumstances there may be a person, corporation or foundation name in the submissions documents before sending a manuscript. The submissions should be uploaded in one file in English.


BUEFAD is responsible for finalizing the design of all manuscripts; however, we kindly ask you to prepare your manuscript using the Article Template below.

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The font used in our template is Lato. You may download the font on Google Fonts⤻


Updated on June 9, 2021.

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Additionally, you may take a look at a sample article which was prepared in accordance with our writing rules.