About The Journal of Information Management

Journal of Information Management is the publication part of Information Management System Certification and Information Security Center (BİL-BEM) of Ankara University. This journal is published twice a year and electronically scientific journal. This journal adopts an open access approach. The articles and writings to be published in the Information Management Journal are evaluated by the Editorial Board and the Referee Board. Articles published by the editorial board in the editorial process are evaluated scientifically by the Referee Board by double blinding. Writers responsible for their articles’s ideas. There is no charge for articles.

Purpose of the journal; to publish original scientific research articles in Turkish with an interdisciplinary approach that include practical experiences in the field of knowledge management, records management, archive management and information systems.

There are sections with the title of "Peer-Reviewed Articles, Reviews, Undergraduate Student Articles, Presentation-Evaluation and News". All articles that complete the publication process are subject to an 'iThenticate' evaluation prior to publication.

In the ‘Peer-Reviewed Articles  section’; articles published by the Refree Board with scientific evaluation by the double blind method.

In the 'Reviews' section; review articles, case presentations, technical notes, biographical studies, law and decision examinations are located in.

In 'Undergraduate Student Articles' section; undergraduate student articles will be published in the editorial board and the referee board process by indicating that the undergraduate students are 'Undergraduate Student Articles' in order to encourage academic studies and academic life. The Undergraduate Student Works will be available from the 2nd number of journal.

The purpose of this section is to contribute to meet the need our country which needs more researchers. This journal aims to raise awareness and include undergraduate students' articles in order to encourage undergraduate students to pursue academic studies and academic life. Encouragement of undergraduate student writing and publishing will gradually become an academic gain for us.

Presentation-Evaluation and News" section; book reviews, introductions, evaluations, and scientific-cultural events are located in.

Topics of the Journal:

  • Archive Management

  • Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems

  • Big Data and Information Analysis

  • Communication with Electronic Encryption

  • Cyber Security

  • Disaster Management in Document and Information Systems

  • e-Archive Systems

  • Electronic Records Management System (ERMS)

  • Expropriation of Information

  • Incorporation of Electronic Environments into the Legal Framework

  • Information Management

  • Information Management and Intelligence Informatıon Systems

  • Information Management Systems

  • Information Security

  • Information Security Management System (ISMS)

  • Information Systems

  • Librarianship and Information Centers

  • Open Government Data

  • Personal and Enterprise Data Management

  • Public Administration and Information Management Systems

  • Records and Information Security

  • Records Management

  • Standards in Information Management and Information Systems

  • Technical Infrastructure and New Technologies in Records and Information Management Systems