e-ISSN: 2636-8544
Founded: 2018
Publisher: Ankara University
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Journal of Information Management (IM) is the publication organ of Ankara University Information Management Systems Certification and Information Security Center (BİL-BEM). IM is published twice a year and electronically. The Journal of Information Management adopts the open access approach. With an interdisciplinary approach, original scientific research articles (peer-reviewed) in Turkish and English in the field of information management, records management, archive management and information systems, application experiences, review articles, opinions, promotional articles, translation articles, news, professional meeting announcements are published. Articles, texts, etc. No transaction fee is charged for.

The Journal of Information Management is indexed in the 'TUBITAK / ULAKBIM TR Index Social and Humanities Database'.

Articles and texts submissions to the journal are assessment by the Editorial Board and the Referee Board. Research articles that pass editorial review are scientifically evaluated by the Referee Board using the double-blind method. The opinions expressed are those of the authors only. They do not necessarily represent the views of the Journal of Information Management.

2024 - Volume: 7 Issue: 1