The author who will upload the article must first be a member of Dergipark. Membership is done at  After the registration process is completed, the related page should be opened from the Send Article button on the main page of the Information Management.

Article submission process consists of 5 stages. In order for the article to be submitted, all fields must be filled completely.

1. Manuscript Information

After the Submission Type, Subjects and Primary Language of Submission selection is completed, you need to enter the title, keywords (at least 3 keywords) and the abstract of your article in English and Turkish.

All the works you refer to in the text should be added to the Submission References in accordance with the APA style. (Detailed information is explained in the References title on the Author Guidelines page.)

2. Authors

The system brings the author information automatically. For studies with 2 or more authors, the author information must be entered here completely. When giving author name and surname, capitalization should be in the form of "Name SURNAME".

** All authors' ORC ID information must be entered. ORC ID number is available free of charge at

3. Files

Files to upload:

• Article file (Detailed information is explained in the Article Layout title on the Author Guidelines page.)
• Author information file (Detailed information is explained in the Author Information Page Layout title on the Author Guidelines page.)
• Tables and figures (If available)
• Copyright Transfer Form (It must be signed by the responsible author with a wet signature and scanned.)
• Ethics Committee Approval Form **

** If the article an ethical committee decision are included research data / findings / results requiring, a copy of the Ethics Committee Approval Form must be uploaded to the system at the time of application. In addition, ethics committee decision information (board name, date, number etc.) should be specified in the method part of the study and at the end of the article.

4. Additional Information

If your work was created within the scope of a project carried out or supported by an institution, it should be stated in this field. If there is no support or project work, it should be left blank.

5. Review and Send

The entered information should be reviewed in the light of the control items in the Article Checklist and the submission process should be completed.