Copyright Statement

Authors who submit manuscripts to Duzce Medical Journal are required to read and approve the following copyright form while uploading their study to the online system.
- The submitted manuscript is an original study in line with scientific and ethical rules.
- The submitted manuscript has not been published elsewhere and/or submitted to another journal to be published at the same time.
- Duzce Medical Journal has no responsibility for the content, results, and interpretation of the study.
- All authors actively participated in the preparation of the study, reviewed the final version, and took all kinds of responsibilities related to this study.
- All publishing rights have been transferred to the Duzce Medical Journal from the date of submission, and Duzce Medical Journal is authorized for publishing.

The authors are deemed to have accepted the following terms by submitting their manuscript to the journal under the CC-BY-NC-ND license.
- The copyright of the published article belongs to the author.
- The authors authorize Duzce Medical Journal to publish the article and identify it as the original publisher.
- The authors grant the right to freely use the article to any third party as long as the original authors and citation details are identified.
- Nothing in this license impairs or restricts an author's right to preserve the integrity and ownership of their study.
- All commercial rights related to the article belong to the authors.

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