Review Process

Articles to be sent to Duzce Medical Journal should be uploaded via DergiPark Academic system (from

Articles not added the Copyright Transfer Form signed by all authors not be taken into review process.

In the pre-review process, whether the article is prepared in accordance with the writing rules is examined regardless of its scientific content. Articles prepared not in accordance with the writing rules, and/or with missing submission files not be taken into scientific review process.

Submitted articles are firstly evaluated by the editors in terms of its content, being up-to-date, contribution to the literature, method, conformity with the journal, existence of studies on similar subjects, density of articles in same type etc. As a result of this evaluation, the article can be returned directly to the authors without being taken into any review process.

Authors are required to upload the similarity report obtained from a plagiarism software such as iThenticate etc. to the system at the submission stage. Depending on the similarity rate in cases of plagiarism, editors' right to reject the article and/or request correction from authors is reserved.

For editors and reviewers; to accurately assess the article you need to ensure the English language is clearly and of sufficient quality to be understood. Authors whose first language is not English are encouraged to have their article checked by getting help from a native English speaker, and/or using professional language editing (proofreading) services. There are some specialist language editing and proofreading companies that offer language editing services. Duzce Medical Journal neither endorses nor takes responsibility for these services. This is not mandatory, but may help to ensure that the content of your article is fully understood by editors and reviewers. Please note that the use of a language editing service is not a requirement for submission and does not imply or guarantee that the article will be selected for peer review or accepted for publication. The editors reserve the right to reject without review those that cannot adequately be assessed because of a poor standard of English.

After the editor approval, the article is sent to be evaluated to two independent reviewer expert on that field, in a double-blind manner. Reviewers may accept or reject the evaluation invitation.

Evaluation period of reviewers who accepted the invitation is maximum 20 days. In case of the reviewers do not accept the invitation, or not send the evaluation report within 20 days, article is send to be evaluated to a new reviewer.

The reviewers send evaluation form containing their comments and recommendations to the editor, after evaluating the article. Comments and recommendations of reviewers send to the authors by the editor, and the revised article is requested to be re-uploaded to the system. Revision period of the authors is maximum 15 days. If the reviewers want to see the article again after the revision, the article is sent again to be evaluated to the reviewers. This process continues until the reviewers report their views on the acceptance or rejection of the article.

The article which receives two positive reviewer reports from the field evaluation is entitled to be published. The article, which receives one positive and one negative reviewer report, send to a third reviewer, and the publication of the article is determined in the direction of the third reviewer report and/or editor's decision.

The editors may decide whether to publish the article or not, taking into account all the submitted revisions.

The editors send the final decision about the article to the authors via the online system.

Accepted articles switches to the editing process. At this stage, the editorial board may make changes and/or corrections in the text as form and content. Editorial board is fully authorized in all related topics as spelling corrections, text placement, reference writing, etc. After redaction and layout process, the Control Copy is sent to the author for final control.

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