Aim & Scope

The main goal of the journal is to publish the articles related to scientific terms. Besides publication of the articles from Social and Health Sciences on directly the term has also been aimed. So making contribution to term knowledge from several aspects and distribution of the terms produced in Scientific area will be able to be spreaded to public.

Within, all branches and sub-brunches of science are covered; term-focused science-excluded (Social and Helath) articles will also be accepted. Besides science terms, the studies paying attention to the effects of terms on the human behaviors, and/or perception of terms and the articles presenting comprehensively general aspects to a term will also be evaluated. E.g. an article investigating the term using abilities of college students will be evaluated for being published in this journal. In this context the articles submitted by the authors from psychology, sociology, politics and economy sciences are also included to journal's scope (see sample articles). Mainly the articles containing; collection, evaluation, criticism or presentation of new terms, explanations of terms which may enter into Turkish will be published and also the articles related to past use and local use of those terms will also be evaluated (See: Sample Articles).

ISSN: 2147-7507 

Avrasya Terim Dergisi