Aim & Scope

In accordance with the integration of disciplines, it is to disseminate studies that consider Science, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship and Technology education together and to contribute to the formation of the infrastructure of the skills required by the 21st century.

Understanding that scientific activities cannot be done with the knowledge and skills of a single discipline, has become a paradigm that dominates the education world in recent years. When the rationales behind this paradigm are examined, single-disciplinary studies in science education can not solve big problems in practice and every year new skills are added to the skills that are thought to be developed to students in schools to overcome these big problems. One of the reasons for this understanding to attract the attention of all countries is their anxiety towards future economic development. Societies with good engineers are aware that their technological advances and economic development are also good. In this process, the main concern is that high school graduates who do not have academic knowledge and real life skills are not able to improve themselves in universities; this will pose great risks for countries in the future in technological and economic development.

When we examine our current educational situation in schools; It is understood that almost all of the courses in the program are concentrated in a single discipline, and the courses are taught with an algorithmic teaching approach, and the information presented in schools is not directed towards educating skilled individuals who can solve serious problems of the society. ıt is emphasized the education policies of the modern world to overcome this problem; increasing interest, curiosity and concentration in school knowledge, highlighting students' imaginations and creativity, being active in learning environments, associating school subjects with life and bringing all these activities together with disciplines should be formed into an integrated understanding. If this understanding is realized, 21st century skills will come out of theory and become meaningful in practice. It shows that the societies that develop 21st century skills will develop new products and new technologies and based on this, new professions and new markets will emerge. Therefore, we look forward to your research articles on science, mathematics, entrepreneurship and technology education carried out in the field of educational sciences (pre-school, elementary school, secondary school, high school, education faculty and other education stakeholders) to be evaluated in our online journal "Science, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship and Technology Education" which has recently started publishing. We would like you to know that interdisciplinary studies will be given priority. 

FMGT Education Magazine is a refereed journal and is published three times a year. Research articles to be sent to the journal can be written in Turkish or English.

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