ISSN: 1307-9778
e-ISSN: 1309-5137
Founded: 2007
Period: Biannually
Publisher: Hale ŞIVGIN
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Gazi Academic View is an open access, peer-reviewed academic journal with printed and on-line versions. The Journal is published twice a year in Summer (June) and Winter (December) since 2007.

Gazi Academic View publishes original scientific articles on the fields of History and International Relations and aims to create an independent academic platform for scholars. Studies from other disciplines are also accepted for evaluation. 

2022 - Volume: 15 Issue: 30

Research Article

4. Basmacı İsyanı ve Sovyet-Afgan Sınır Anlaşmazlığı (1925-1926)

Research Article

8. The Development of the Silk Industry in the Ottoman Bursa: An Analysis of Periodization

Research Article

13. The Analysis of the Rise and Fall of Globalization

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