ISSN: 1309-3924
e-ISSN: 2651-5059
Founded: 2004
Period: Biannually
Publisher: Nalan Eda AKYÜREK ŞAHİN
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GEPHYRA is both an open access online and a print journal compiled by the Research Centre for Mediterranean Languages and Cultures of Akdeniz University to publish contributions from all fields of research into Asia Minor and the Eastern Mediterranean, insofar as they shed new light on the history and culture of this geographical and historical region. Epigraphic, archaeological, numismatic and art historical contributions, commented and evaluated material presentations, as well as historical reflections and essays are all equally welcome.

The publisher of the print edition is Phoibos Verlag in Vienna.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Bulletin numismatique de l’Asie Mineure

We, the editors of Gephyra, are pleased to announce that our journal will soon begin the publication of the "Bulletin numismatique de l’Asie Mineure". The first Bulletin will appear in May 2022 and will cover the year 2021. The idea for the Bulletin came from Johannes Nollé, who asked Oğuz Tekin to take over the role of co-editor. We are very happy that this meritorious scholar and Turkish doyen of numismatics has accepted our invitation to join us ... READ MORE!

2021 - Volume: 21


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