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Founded: 2010
Period: Monthly
Publisher: Gumushane University
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Gümüşhane University Journal of Social Sciences Institute is a refereed academic e-journal that publishes academic articles in diciplines; Economics, Businness, Public Finances, Labour Economics, Public Administration, Political Sciences and International Relations,  Law, Behavioral Sciences, History, Turkish Language and Literature, Educational Sciences, Communication Sciences, and Linguistics.

Articles which have features listed below can be published in Gümüşhane University Journal of Social Sciences Institute:

1-      Literature Reviews:  Reviews of academic studies in a specific field.

2-      Emprical Studies: Studies introduce a original research and its results.

3-      Theoretical Studies: Studies which is designed theoretically and contribute to the field.

Articles published earlier, accepted for publication, and in the process of eveluaiton are not accepted for eveluation in our journal. The journal can publish articles; in Turkish and English and is indexed in international indexes of EBSCO and ASOS - Akademia Social Sciences Index.



Prof. İhsan GÜNAYDIN

Gümüşhane Üniversitesi Rektörü



Assoc. Prof. Ekrem CENGİZ

Asst. Prof. Handan ÇAM


Journal Secretarait

Res. Asst. Şerife DEMİRELLİ

Lec. Özlem SEKMEN



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2021 - Volume: 12 Issue: 3