e-ISSN: 2718-014X
Founded: 2020
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Habitus Journal of Sociology is an open access, peer-reviewed and international scientific journal published annually. Journal issues are published as special issues. In each issue, it aims to examine a certain subject from the pen of different researchers. Although the main group in each journal issue is the subject of the file, the same issue of non-topic articles are also published. It is preferred that off-topic articles do not exceed one-third of the number of articles on the file. Criticism of the newly published books, preferably two years after the publication, can also be included, both on the subject and outside the subject.

The first issue was published in September 2020 and the second issue was published in March 2021. The 2022 Issue will also be published in March, and the following issues will be released this month of the year.

The Subject of the Third Issue: The subject of the next year, that is, the next issue; determined as the future of the world in the context of conflict, war and migration. In this context, the future of the world in terms of economy, social and security can be discussed through the Ukraine and Syria crises, problems such as the Afghanistan and finally authoritarian governments such as Russia and China. Again, in this context, every article discussing the new possible forms in which globalization will evolve can be included in the journal issue.

The article submission process has started and will continue until the end of 2022.

2024 - Volume: 5 Issue: 5