Reviewer Guidelines

  • Reviewers invited for evaluation are expected to submit their decision to accept or reject the evaluation within 5 (five) calendar days. At the end of this period, the reviewers who have not issued any decision shall be deemed to have rejected the evaluation and the subject editor shall appoint a new reviewer. Reviewers accepting the evaluation are expected to deliver their views within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of acceptance. No additional time is allowed to complete the evaluation process to the reviewer for completing the evaluation process and a new reviewer appointment is made by the subject editor.
  • The reviewers who accept the evaluation will perform the evaluation during the article evaluation process by using the form named "IJAL Article Evaluation Form".  This form must be completed as a Reviewer evaluation.
  • The names of the reviewers invited for evaluation are not notified to authors  (Double-Blind Peer Review).
  • Reviewers seeking to see the revised article at the end of the proposals are expected to respond to the authors' replies within 15 (fifteen) calendar days. It is assumed that reviewers who do not comment during this period have declared a positive opinion.