Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Promoting Free/Libre Software Use in Educational Measurement

We are pleased to announce that The International Journal of Assessment Tools in Education (IJATE) invites you to submit a high-quality paper for the 2019 Special Issue on Free/Libre Software Use in Educational Measurement. The target of this special issue is to promote and spread free/libre software use in the field of educational measurement. The aim is to set up a link between  programmers and practitioners. The core requirement for the submissions is that the studies involve free/libre statistical software such as RJamoviGNU/PSPPJASP, etc. relevant to some aspect of educational research. It is worth to emphasize that papers used a propriety software are out of the scope. Submissions should be new manuscripts that have not been published elsewhere. The editors for this special issue will be Drs. Halil Ibrahim Sari and Eren Can Aybek.

Potential manuscripts include, but are not limited to:

  1. Any kind of research study that used free/libre software in the analysis.
    1. Authors are required to share the annotated code or screenshots in the appendix.
  1. Free software Tutorials
    1. Authors can describe how to use a free/libre software in educational research. If a coding software, such as R, is of interest, authors should discuss main functions related to the package, and provide example codes and annotated outputs in the main body of the manuscript. If a point-click software is of interest, authors are required to provide useful screenshots in the main body of the manuscript. The software may or may not be written by the authors.

We look forward to your submissions and welcome you sharing this announcement with interested colleagues, students and practitioners.  

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically through the


Authors must indicate in their cover letter that their paper should be considered for this call for papers.


Manuscripts are invited between February 1st 2019 and October 1st 2019, with the goal of publishing the Special Issue in December of 2019.

All submissions will undergo normal peer-review.

For questions regarding this special issue, please contact


Dr. Halil Ibrahim Sari, Kilis 7 Aralik University,

Dr. Eren Can Aybek, Pamukkale University,