International Journal of Chemistry and Technology (IJCT) accepts original research studies with regard to all scopes of physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry/medical biochemistry, phytochemistry, polymer chemistry, solid state chemistry, atom and molecule chemistry, nanomaterials, materials, biomaterials and composite materials, theoretical chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, environmental engineering and technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology. IJCT is a double blind peer-reviewed international journal, and its publication language is English. IJCT publishes electronically in June and December twice a year. IJCT is open access for all researchers in the world. There is no charge of page. Original research article, review, conference paper, short communication (i.e. short article), and letter to editor with regard to the scientific scope of the journal can be submitted to IJCT.

!. Manuscripts that do not comply with the writing rules will be returned to the authors. Unless the manuscripts do not meet these criteria, manuscripts will not be forwarded for next processes of the journal.

Note: Send your ORCID number during the article submission. For receiving ORCID ID, click https://orcid.org/register For ‘ISI Journal Title Abbreviations’ with the aim to use in the references list of the manuscript, click