IJMA covers topics that are specific to management issues. It is a peer-reviewed journal which is published to make it useful for everyone interested in the area related to management issues. The Journal aims to be an indispensable reference source for management scientists in the coming years, to be very readable in the literature and to provide valuable contributions. The coverage includes theoretical and empirical findings in areas to management science.


The scope of the journal includes:

- Business;

·   Management and Organization,

·   Human Resources Management,

·   Organizational Behavior,

·   Strategic Management,

·   Production Management,

·   Marketing Management,

·   Financial Management,

- Public administration,

- Economy Management,

- Education Management,

- Healthcare Management,

- Tourism Management,

- Aviation Management,

- Maritime Business Administration,

- Sports Management,

- Engineering and Technology Management,

- Energy Management,

- Logistics Management,

- Knowledge, Arts and Culture Management,

- Environmental Management etc. other management related fields.