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Founded: 2019
Period: Biannually
Publisher: Fikret BİRDİŞLİ
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International Journal of Politics and Security (IJPS) is a scholarly and peer-reviewed academic journal that aims to have a high-quality platform for International Politics and Security Studies by sharing original works and ideas with the academic community. So, academic writings are expected to provide original and significant advances in the general area of International Relations (IR), International Politics (IP), Security Studies (SS), and their relevant subjects are welcomed by the editor.
IJPS is published twice a year in MAY and OCTOBER. Any fees or charges are not required for manuscript processing and/or publishing in IJPS.  

Author(s) are responsible for compliance with scientific ethics. Any views expressed in the manuscripts which are published by IJPS are the views of the author(s) not the views of IJPS. 


IJPS is a publishing of the Association of International Politics and Security Studies (INTPOLSEC).


Research Article

100'üncü Yılında Svalbard Antlaşması: Anlaşmazlıklar, Çözüm Önerileri ve Türkiye İçin Fırsatlar

Research Article

Antarktika Antlaşmalar Sistemi Kapsamında Çevre Örgütlerinin Rolü: Antarktika ve Güney Okyanusu Koalisyonu Örneği

Research Article

Governing the European Intelligence: Multilateral Intelligence Cooperation in the European Union

Research Article

Amerikan Hegemonyasının Son Dönemlerdeki Seyri ve Çin’in Yükselişi

Research Article

Policies and Security Strategies of G5 Sahel States Against Terrorism

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Data Sharing Policy
This journal encourages authors to share the data obtained as a result of their research while remaining within the requirements of the universal and legal criteria for the protection of personal rights with scientific ethics and citation rules. In this context, IJPS adopts the Budapest Open Access Initiative Declaration (2001).