e-ISSN: 2618-5717
Founded: 2017
Publisher: Hüseyin GÜMÜŞ
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International Journal of Recreation and Sport Science is an OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL publishing double-blind peer-reviewed scientific papers in English. The journal is published once a year (in December). International Journal of Recreation and Sport Science publishes original research and review articles in the field of recreation and sports sciences. The main purposes of the Journal are (i) to share the results of the research on recreation and sports science with the readers, (ii) to reveal the problems with descriptive and other methods researchers and (iii)to propose solutions, and to share with the readers the review articles that emerged by examining recent developments in the field.

 International Journal of Recreation and Sport Science does not charge for any article submissions or for processing. 

Journal Contact: intjorass@gmail.com

ORCIDiD is mandatory for all authors.

You can receive an ORCID iD number from https://orcid.org/register.

2023 - Volume: 7 Issue: 1