e-ISSN: 2619-9254
Founded: 1975
Period: Biannually
Publisher: Istanbul University
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Istanbul Management Journal is an open access, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal of Istanbul University School of Business Institute of Business Administration. Selected studies in Turkish and English are issued as a hard copy since 1975 and in electronic form since 2010. Since February 2018, the name of Istanbul University Institute of Business Administration-Management Journal has been changed to "Istanbul Management Journal".
The journal publishes two issues (December and June) per year. it is covered in Proquest, Ebsco, RePEc IDEAS, RePEc EconPapers.
Istanbul Management Journal aims to provide a forum for exploring issues in business management and publish high quality research articles.
The journal focuses primarily on business management and welcomes interdisciplinary studies deailing with theoretical and practical issues as well. The areas of study covered in the scope of Istanbul Management Journal are below;
management & strategy,
organizational theory,
human resources,
organizational behavior,
business & management history,
production management,
marketing and economics.
The target group of the journal consists of academicians, researchers, professionals, students, related professional and academic bodies and institutions.
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