Article Review Process (Double-Blind Peer Review)

InTraders International Trade Academic Journal


Review Process

    The articles submitted for publication in InTraders must have never been published before, not been accepted for publication, and not submitted for publication.

Accepted Article Stages

1-Editor is appointed.

2-Spelling (language) editor is appointed. (English studies are checked by paid Grammarly Program).

3-2 Blind referees are appointed. More referees may be appointed if necessary.

4-Editor approval of accpted article is determined and if it is suitable for punlication, a doi application is made.

5-The article is sent to the final reader. (English studies are checked by native English speakers.)

6-The article is sent to the layout editor.

7-The article is prepared for the relevant issue.

*The editor has the right to reject the article/deem it unsuitable for the publication at each stage.

    The review process includes the " At least 2 Blind; Peer Review-Scientific Board "process. The aim is to complete the entire process within five months. The ethics committee report should be provided by the writer's institution, and / sampling is necessary for studies involving humans and/or animals.

    In the Pre-Exam process, the article consists of three phases; formal, academic and written. The "similarity report", the keyword, JEL code, references and author information are checked in the formal review. The preliminary examination is carried out by the secretariat board. At each stage, the writer is contacted and requested to complete the necessary transactions, and each subsequent step is passed to the next step. It is targeted to meet within ten days according to the author's speed. The acceptable "similarity rate" is a maximum of 20%. If it is below this ratio, the necessary corrections to check the text may be requested.

    The Scientific Control is carried out by the co-editor and/or editor with two blind referee members in the pre-process completed document. The referees will be provided with the dissemination of the article by "similarity report". It is aimed to meet the referee process in avarage 2 months in total by taking preliminary information about the judiciary evaluation process within one week. This period may vary in completing the author's revisions as necessary.

    At least two scientific board members' approval is needed to accept the journal. If one of the referees is positive and the other is negative, the article is sent to a third science board member or editor may ends the process by rejection of article. . Publication of the referee review process is completed with the approval of the editorial board of the journal.

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