e-ISSN: 2587-1153
Founded: 2016
Publisher: Kayseri EAH
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Journal of Anatolian Medical Research is the official publication of Kayseri City Training and Research Hospital and is published electronically three times a year in April, August and December. The written language of the journal is Turkish and English, its short name is "JAMER".
The journal publishes original research articles in the fields of experimental and clinical medicine, case reports, reviews containing up-to-date information reflected in the evidence-based medical literature, letters to the editor, and articles on medical education. All content of the journal, related forms and full text files of articles can be accessed free of charge at kayseriseah.dergipark.org.tr/jamer or Dergipark. No fee or compensation is paid for the articles published in the journal. Scientific and ethical responsibilities of the articles belong to the authors. All biomedical research on subjects must comply with international ethical rules and must be approved by local ethical committees.
The processes of editing, revision, acceptance and rejection of a published article will be carried out entirely online by the editor(s) and/or referees via the kayseriseah.dergipark.org.tr/jamer website. All re-reading after corrections and typesetting should be done by the author over the internet.

Assoc. Dr. Seyhan KARACAVUS
Health Sciences University, Kayseri Faculty of Medicine
Department of Nuclear Medicine, Kayseri/TURKEY
E-mail: kayseriseah.dergi@saglik.gov.tr


The similarity rate of the articles examine with intihal.netIf the similarity rate is up to 20% for the whole manuscript, the article is sent back to the author for re-evaluation.

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