Plagiarism Evaluation Process

The similarity report is made by the author using similarity programs such as Turnitin, iThenticate and is uploaded to the required section while the work is uploaded to the system.
Only Exclude Bibliography in settings and Exclude resources less than: 5 Words “Exclude sources that are less than: 5 words” settings should be used.
Studies with more than 25% homology in the whole study and more than 5% homology from a single source as a result of the screening are not included in the preliminary evaluation.
Studies with a similarity rate of less than 25%;
Whether the reference is given at the end of each quoted sentence (in some cases, a paragraph consisting of 4-5 sentences is quoted and only the last sentence is cited. In such cases, the quoted statement should be in double quotes and italicized),
Whether the source is given in the sections with similarity (in some cases, the source is not given even though it is cited)
It is checked whether the homogeneity is from the main source (in some cases, a different source is quoted, and the main source is cited instead of quoting it).
If there is a block citation in the study, if the citations are not made for the parts with homogeneity, or if the homology belongs to a source other than the main source and there is no quoted statement, the study will not be evaluated.
The preliminary evaluation process of the articles that pass these examinations is completed.
All responsibility for ethical violations belongs to the authors.

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