KARE DERGİ (International Journal of Comparative Literature) is an international academic journal on comparative literary, cultural, linguistics and folklore studies. KARE values the free dissemination of knowledge on comparative studies. Comparative Literature is a recent academic subject in Turkish Academia. Therefore, development of comparative literature in Turkish academia is significant. KARE Journal aims to provide an intellectual context for the development of comparative studies in Turkey and contribute to international researches on comparative literature. KARE provides a platform for the international scholars to outlet for research which advances our understanding of Languages, Literature, Culture, and Folklore studies.


KARE is academic, peer-reviewed international journal of comparative literature. The journal includes papers that are interdisciplinary in nature including English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Turkish and other languages. It publishes original articles that deal with the theory and practice in comparative and interdisciplinary studies. KARE Journal takes ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association) reports into consideration to create basic criteria of evaluation.  ACLA's annual meetings and reports that follow is a guidline for commparative literature all over the world. Considering ACLA Reports, KARE Dergi welcomes research articles and reviews from social sciences such as literature, history, philosophy, foreign language studies, translations, cultural studies and linguistics. KARE Dergi aims to develop comparative literary research in Turkey and contribute to the interactions between and among different cultures. The journal has a double-blind peer reviewed process and it is published semiannually online. Kare Dergi provides unlimited access by Open Access System feature.