Author Guidelines

Evaluation Criteria and Rules

1. Kare Journal primarily includes publications on Literature, History and Thought, using comparative method.

2. Articles should include title and abstract in Turkish and English.

3. The articles should include appropriate "keywords" in Turkish and foreign languages ​​that describe the subject.

4. At the end of the manuscript, the used references should be given as a "bibliography" list.

5. Submitted articles should not be more than 10,000 words and not less than 4,000 words. Book reviews should not exceed 2,500 words.

6. Authors' names and information about the organization they affiliate should be clearly and accurately stated in the article.

7. Articles to be sent should be original studies and should not have been published before or in any ongoing publication process.

8. Before the final approval of the editorial board, the manuscripts are pre-reviewed by the editorial board, and send to two referees, and a third referee if deemed necessary. The double blind referee system is used.

9. Under no circumstances, authors or referees can know about each other. If deemed appropriate by the editor and the editorial board, a list of the referees of that year is published in the year-end issue of the journal.

10. The Journal has an evaluation criterion based on the detailed and scientific referee reporting of the DergiPark system.

11. Authors must ensure that their work complies with the rules of the journal. Do not expect editors or referees to make the necessary corrections. After the necessary corrections are completed, the authors are expected to submit the edited articles within 2 weeks.

12. The editorial board may independently decide to accept or reject non-research manuscripts (such as symposiums & congress news, book presentations, etc.) without following a reviewing process.

13. The opinions in the published articles belong only to the author(s). It does not bind the journal owner, the publisher or the editors.

14. Articles submitted are subjected to editorial review first. In this phase, firstly, the compliance of the study with the journal rules is examined. Manuscripts that do not comply with the journal rules are returned to their authors.

Types of publications to be considered:

1. Original Research and Review Articles.

2. Compilation Articles.

3. Case reports.

4. Project presentations.

5. Book presentation (provided that it is in article format).

6. Interviews.

7. Translations of original articles.

NOTE: Please check Journal Ethical Principles and Publication Policy for further information.

Page layout

1. The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition or the most recent MLA guidelines must be followed.

2. The article font should be set to "Palatino Linotype".

3. The font size should be 10.

4. Paragraph settings, "justified", "hanging/value: 0.5".

5. Line spacing should be set to "Single".