Aim & Scope

Vision of Ahi Evran University Journal of Kırşehir Education Faculty (KEFAD/JKEF); to accelerate scientific knowledge at national and international level and to produce qualified discussions about education through the rapid dissemination of the results of original scientific studies produced internationally and interdisciplinary and the common meaning of concepts / terms specific to the field. In this way it is aimed to contribute to the shaping of policies related to education in Turkey. For this reason, the studies to be published are expected to provide new and original contributions to the discussions on education as well as theoretical competence.Thus, the people who work in education in Turkey and / or the benefit of its institutions is aimed to contribute to the formation of an accumulation.

KEFAD/JKEF, from preschool education to adult education, from music education to mathematics education; from physical education to science education, from visual arts education to social studies education, from educational administration to physics education, from special education to gifted education; It accepts qualitative and quantitative research in all fields related to education into the publication process.

The following training areas are covered by KEFAD/JKEF.

Social Studies Education
Classroom Training
Computer Education and Instructional Technology
Measurement and Evaluation in Education
Education Programs and Teaching
Education Management Inspection Planning and Economics
Science Education
Mathematics Education
Music Education
Preschool Education
Guidance and psychological counseling
History Education
Turkish Education
Geography Education
Physical education

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