ISSN: 1309-3878
e-ISSN: 1309-3878
Founded: 2009
Publisher: Duzce University
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Konuralp Medical Journal (ISSN 1309–3878), primarily publications on general medicine and primary care; It aims to publish review articles, case reports, a subject with pictures, letter to the editor, news and developments from the medical world, basic and clinical research.
Konuralp Medical Journal (ISSN 1309–3878) is published three times a year, in March, June and October, by Düzce University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine. The articles submitted to our journal will be evaluated using the "peer review" method.

All manuscripts submitted for evaluation are evaluated by at least two referees. In accordance with the double-blind evaluation principles of our journal, the names of authors and referees are not disclosed to each other. Submitted manuscripts are scanned at least twice during the evaluation process with a plagiarism program and examined for overlapping or the presence of the same text. Once your article is accepted for publication, it may undergo editorial revisions to increase clarity and comprehensibility, without data being changed.

2023 - Volume: 15 Issue: 3