Volume: 13 Issue: 1, 1/31/23

Year: 2023

Research Article

Art and Literature

  • Kırıkkale University Journal of Social Science (KUJSS) is a peer-reviewed international journal that is free and open to all areas of social sciences.

  • KUJSS is published two (2) times a year, in January and July.

  • KUJSS provides authentic, peer-refereed  articles in all fields of social sciences. KUJSS is open to the qualitative, quantitative or survey researches of History, Literature, Education, Business, Economics, Public Administration, Sociology, Psychology, Law, Philosophy, Fine Arts, International Relations, Education and other social science fields. 
  • According to the editorial board's decision, KUJSS does not include the scale development / adaptation and book review studies.

  • Kırıkkale University Journal of Social Sciences (KUJSS) is the official publication of Kırıkkale University Institute of Social Sciences and is a scholarly academic journal.
  • KUJSS is a peer-reviewed journal that is free and open to all areas of social sciences.
  • KUJSS is published two (2) times a year, in January and July.
  • The articles submitted to the journal should not have been published elsewhere or sent for publication. If an article is submitted with more than one journal at the same time, the evaluation and publication processes in KUJSS will be discontinued.
  • KUJSS has the publishing rights of the articles accepted for publication.
  • Articles should be written in Turkish or English.
  • The articles submitted to the KUJSS should be organized according to APA 6 standards of writing and citation, as stated in article writing rules.
  • KUJSS uses a double-blind peer review process, in which the names of the referees and authors are kept secret at every stage of the process.
  • The opinions expressed in the published articles belong to their authors. The publication of articles does not mean that the KUJSS or the university defends these views.
  • KUJSS does not charge any article submission or processing charges.
  • The articles which do not meet the publication principles will not be taken into the peer review process.

No fee is charged for the articles published in our journal.


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