Publication Principles

General Publication Principles

  1. The journal includes quantitative and qualitative research articles and theoretical works on all areas of education.

  2. The publication language of the magazine is English and Turkish.

  3. The articles submitted to the journal should not have been published elsewhere or have been submitted to another journal at the same time. Our magazine has all publishing rights to the articles that are accepted for publication.

  4. The articles to be submitted to the journal are accepted only through the system. Articles sent to Co-editors or members of the Editorial Board are not accepted as official applications.

  5. The manuscripts submitted to the journal will be reviewed by peer editors and the Editorial Board. The articles which are found suitable in the preliminary examination are sent to the referees. Preliminary studies; Publications, Magazine publication principles, Scientific originality and update of the subject of the work, Educational contribution of the study topic, Writing rules and template compatibility.

  6. The studies determined to be appropriate for the preliminary examination are sent to the referees for scientific evaluation. The Editorial Board and / or its co-editors decide whether or not the articles will be published based on the referee reports.

  7. In case of need, the work is returned to the authors for review or suggested corrections in the direction of criticism and suggestions from the referees.

  8. The author (s) liaise between the referees only by co-editors.

  9. According to the journal publication principle, double blinded arbitration system is used during the evaluation of the articles.

  10. The author (s) can not make any changes on the articles which are accepted as the final form and which are accepted by the publication.

  11. The author (s) are responsible for the content of the published article (from the views of the sources and the citations, the opinions expressed and the copyrighted schedules, pictures and other images).
  12. For articles accepted for publication, author (s) and referees are not paid.