Evaluation Process

The works submitted to the journal will be given a preliminary examination by giving a code from the moment we arrive. This process is examined in terms of content and form.

Submitted manuscripts should not have been published anywhere before and should be of a quality to contribute to the field. We use a double-blind arbitration system in which our rivals and authors are kept confidential against each other. Authors and referees must make an effort to keep their identities confidential. For this purpose, the authors, editors, referees who send files to the system should pay attention to the following points about the texts and files;

  • Authors should delete the names in the text and the places where the institutions are located.
  • When Microsoft documents are stored, personal information is also written into the file information. For this reason, either this personal information must be found in the document properties and deleted, or in the following order the document must be re-recorded in a way that does not contain any personal information.

The Editorial Board first examines the works submitted to the journal in terms of publication principles, scope of journal, scientific content and form. See. Preliminary Evaluation Form

Section editor is assigned by editor for works that pass through pre-evaluation. The editor of the Department shall send at least 2 remarks for evaluation purposes. See. Referee Article Evaluation Form

In order for the work to be accepted as a journal, it is necessary to obtain positive evaluation from 2 arbitrators. Where necessary, third judge may be required to contribute to the evaluation process.

The articles submitted for publication are also confirmed through a special program for plagiarism that the articles have not been published previously and do not contain plagiarism. The plagiarism rate is returned at 15% 

The process of publication of the accepted work lasts for 1-2 months from the date of receipt of the work.

Submitting article articles is free. No fee is charged for articles accepted for publication.

Authors submitting articles to our magazine are deemed to have not committed any ethical violations