Journal of Educational Sciences International Journal of Educational Sciences is a well-established journal that publishes academic, scientific and research-based articles. Articles published in our magazine have not been published elsewhere.

Ethical Rules for Authors

  • All authors guarantee that their work is unique. They should cite other researchers' ideas, language, pictures, graphics and tables as quotes when they include them in their work. The quotation made without specifying the source leads to suicide, even if you use a censor from your own work or from someone else's work.
  • Every author mentioned in the study is responsible for the contents of the work. It is unacceptable if the researcher's contribution is found and the name of the researcher is not included or if the contribution is not available.
  • There is no simultaneous submission of your work to the magazines. Authors should send a work to more than one magazine at the same time. In relation to this, authors should not send their previously published work to the journal.
  • The authors should remain faithful to the findings of their research. It is not a matter of changing the findings, making up findings and conclusions, and conducting research on the basis of these findings. Situations such as playing, erasing, subtracting, or skipping the interpretation process of power data to overcome the data and materials are unreliable. Authors should avoid people from making comments that are offensive.

Ethical Rules for Referees

  • Referees should know that the evaluation process is confidential and should not be shared with third parties from outside.

  • Every work submitted to the journal must be subjectively evaluated by the referees.

  • Arbitrators should provide a clear and constructive evaluation report on the study within the specified time frame. The referees must notify the editor of the fact that the work has been plagiarized or has been published elsewhere.

Ethical Rules for Editorial Team and Editor

  • The editor and editor team keep the referee evaluation process confidential and will not share it with third parties.
  • The editor and editorial team, without regard to religion, language, race, gender, nationality, seniority or institutional relationship, exhibited neutral attitude to every work for which publications were submitted.
  • The editor of the journal and the editorial team investigate this in response to a claim that a published journal is a plagiarism or is in the process of being published elsewhere. The editor will not publish the article if the claim is verified


Please contact the editor for suggestions on ethical rules..