Data Management Policy

Submissions to the Medya ve Din Araştırmaları Dergisi (MEDİAD) - Journal of Media and Religion Studies are stored and published within the DergiPark system. Individuals with access to the content of the submissions and author information, as well as their respective roles, are disclosed on the "Journal Boards" page. The visibility of data pertaining to returned, rejected, or withdrawn submissions and authors can be tracked based on the stage of the publication process through the "Ethical Principles and Publication Policy".

In the Jurnal Boards:

• Editors and the Editorial Secretariat have access to the entire content of articles and personal data of authors from start to finish.
• The Editorial Board and other editorial roles can only view the content of the manuscript assigned to them and the personal information of the author.
• The Advisory Board does not have authority over the article publication processes.

At the preliminary control stage: In the event that there are personal data obtained from third parties in the research data, authors are notified by the Editorial Secretariat to anonymize this data. The publication of studies in which participants' personal information can be matched with research data is not considered. After this stage, the peer review process takes place in an anonymous flow, devoid of personal data. The principle of double-blind peer review is rigorously observed throughout the publication process, benefiting both reviewers and authors.

Medya ve Din Araştırmaları Dergisi (MEDİAD) - Journal of Media and Religion Studies manages author information, process data, and the archive system through DergiPark, and shares data in a limited manner with the following platforms. All process files such as peer-review reports and initial submission texts are exclusively uploaded to the TR-Dizin system. These files do not have public access. Article and issue metadata are indexed on DOAJ. Based on the editorial board's decision, peer-review evaluations can be published anonymously. Only upon author request or Editorial Board recommendation are study data and relevant materials uploaded to the Aperta system. The journal's full content and article metadata are also stored on Index Copernicus. For each article, our journal provides a DOI and transfers article metadata to the DOI system. Article and author information on Google Scholar are systematically updated and made available to researchers.

Publication Platform and Indexing
Dergi Park
Repositories, Identifiers, Aggregator Platforms
Google Scholar
Index Copernicus

Publication Information is generated from the following personal details of the authors. No other personal information is requested from the authors:

• Title, First Name, Last Name
• Affiliation Information
• City/Country
• Email

Requests for data anonymization-deletion to be submitted to the Medya ve Din Araştırmaları Dergisi (MEDİAD) - Journal of Media and Religion Studies will be promptly communicated to the research collaborators, followed by tracking and communicating the outcome to the requester.

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