Plagiarism Policy

The studies submitted to the journal are evaluated within the framework of the similarity report declared at the application stage. Articles that do not comply with research and publication ethics or that have a risk of plagiarism are not evaluated. In this framework, if the similarity rate detected by the screening programs is above 20%, the relevant study cannot be published even if it receives the approval of the referee. If the study was published without noticing the situation, access to the relevant study is blocked and the study is removed from the publication list and the full issue when the situation is noticed. Journal management accepts the results of self-employed plagiarism/similarity programs as a corporate standard, not as a violation of ethics. For detailed information about the plagiarism policy, you can visit the Plagiarism Policy page.

The ethical and legal responsibility of the studies belongs primarily to the authors.

The editorial board of Journal of Media and Religion Studies complies with the following rules for plagiarism policy:

The articles with an overall similarity index of greater than 20% are rejected without proceeding for the formal peer review. This rate is 25% for technical notes and book reviews. In such cases, the author(s) will be asked to re-revise the article within three weeks. The similarity index for a single source must be equal to or lower than 5%. This percentage is not required for technical notes and book reviews. Editors may also choose to run a similarity report at any other point during the review process or post-publication.

The above-mentioned rules are accepted by all authors who apply for the article.

It is important that all stakeholders (authors, readers and researchers, publisher, referees and editors) comply with ethical principles in the publication processes of the journal.

For the processes to be operated within the framework of the guide published by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), see.

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