1. MJSS is an international peer-reviewed and refereed journal. The journal aims to promote the researches in the field of social sciences and provide an intellectual platform for the scientists.

2. MJSS aims to become a journal that makes significant contribution to the academic world.

3. MJSS is published to reveal in a scholarly manner the cultural richness of Central Asian countries, particularly Kyrgyzstan, and Turkic world; the cultural and social issues in the Turkic world, as well as current researches at micro and micro levels.

4. MJSS with its open access features, aims to be indexed in more databases, and provide easy and limitless access to scholars and readers.

5. MJSS' editorial team carefully evaluates each uploaded article and sends it to the reviewers. The peer-review process is in full confidentiality. After the peer-review process, articles will be queued for publication.

6. MJSS aims to increase the citation impacts of articles.


1.    Submitted papers to MJSS should be original to fill a gap in the related fields. By evaluating previously published studies, papers should explore new aspects of an issue. MJSS publishes theoretical and applied researches.

2.   Manuscripts should not be published before nor be under editorial consideration in any other journal. Research papers presented at academic conferences or symposiums can be accepted for the evaluation process, if authors clearly state this.

3.    Authors take full responsibility for their papers.

4.    Author(s) should not submit the same article to more than one journal at the same time.

5.    The peer-review process is confidential and not disclosed to the third parties. All submitted papers are evaluated objectively.

6.  The chief editor and field editors conduct the peer-review process confidentially. They evaluate each article objectively regardless authors' religious belief, language, race, nationality, gender, status, and institutional relationship.

7.  The chief editor and field editors of the journal investigate if the paper plagiarized, published previously in any other journal or under editorial consideration elsewhere. If such situation arises, the editor has the right not to publish the article.

8.   The word format of the article during uploading to the system should not include any personal information about authors. 

Publishing issues:

Labor Economics, Literature, Education, Psychology, Fine Arts, Law, Economics, Philosophy, Divinity, Local Governments, Public Economics, Media and Communication, Management, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Psychology, Health Management, Political Sciences and Public Administration, Sociology, Sport Sciences, History, Tourism, Turkish Language, International Economics, International Relations, Production Management, Management Information Systems, Management and Organization.