Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

 MANAS Journal of Social Studies - Publication Policies

1. The articles to be sent to Manas Journal of Social Studies should be original articles filling a gap in the related field or should be evaluating previously published studies and should include new and remarkable opinions. MJSS journal gives place to theoretical and applied researches.

2. Manuscripts, which have been published previously, accepted for publication, or currently being considered for publication elsewhere shouldn’t be submitted for publication in MJSS. Reports presented at a scientific conference or symposium can be accepted for the evaluation process on condition that this situation has been clearly stated.

3. The authors are responsible for the content of their study.

4. The author / authors should not submit the same article to more than one journal simultaneously.

5. Referees carry out the evaluation process confidentially and don’t share with third parties. All studies submitted to the journal referees are subject to objective evaluation.

6. The editor and field editors keep the referee evaluation process confidential. They become objective for every article that is submitted to the journal and become unbiased about religion, language, race, nationality, sex, status or corporate affairs.

7. The editor and field editors of the journal investigate the situation in the case of a claim that there is plagiarism in an article, it has been submitted to another journal for publication or it has been already published elsewhere. The editor has the right not to publish the article if the claim in question has been verified.

8. When loading the articles in Word format on the website of the journal, the author(s) must not include personal information in the Word file.